The Monserrate Palace

Monserrate Palace in Sintra
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The Monserrate Palace as other palaces in Sintra near Lisbon is a very exotic and strange place. It was built by Sir Francis Cook in 1858 and therefore it’s surrounded by fascinating English garden (I felt like in the middle of the jungle… there is even a waterfall).

The photo above shows the gardens and the roofs of the palace. It’s HDR merged from -2; 0; +2 photos and processed in Photomatix Pro 4.2 beta.

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  • This one is awesome, love the composition and the deep greens. Any chance this one will become a wallpaper? 😉

  • Hmm why not 🙂 ? I will upload it later today.

  • As promised I’ve just added new wallpaper to the Wallpapers sections. Cheers

  • Thanks! New desktop for me 🙂

  • Nice to hear that 🙂