List of useful Photoshop shortcuts

Photoshop keyboard shortcuts
HDR photo taken at the beginning of sunset on Fuerteventura island.

More a tip than a tutorial today. I believe that using keyboard shortcuts are one of the best ways to improve efficiency when working with any computer application. I use them in every software, whether it is a programming IDE or an imaging application. Today I would like to share with you a set of my favourite and most often used Photoshop CS shortcuts.

Print them and put next to monitor to remember them more quickly 🙂

Layers and image:

  • CTRL + N – create new image
  • CTRL + SHIFT + N – create new layer
  • CTRL + I – colour inversion – it is especially useful when working with layer masks as black becomes white and white becomes black
  • CTRL + J – duplicate selected layer
  • [when modifying layer mask] – red overlay is displayed over the image representing the layer mask. It makes masking much much easier
  • ALT + left mouse click on layer mask – displays only layer mask
  • ALT + left mouse click on the layer visibility icon (small eye) – all other layers are hidden but the clicked one
  • SHIFT + left mouse click on layer mask – disables layer mask (useful to compare before and after applying the layer mask)
  • SHIFT + CTRL + E – merge visible layers (removes all layers)
  • SHIFT + CTRL + ALT + E – merge visible layers and create new layer with the result in it (doesn’t remove any layers)


  • CTRL + A – select whole image
  • CTRL + D – select none (deselect)
  • SHIFT + CTRL + I – select inverse


  • CTRL + Z – undo/redo last action
  • CTRL + ALT + Z – undo action from the history (one by one)
  • CTRL + SHIFT + Z – redo action from the history (one by one)
  • CTRL + F – repeat last filter (with the same settings as last time)


  • B – select a brush tool
  • C –  select a crop tool
  • D – [when using a brush] restores default background and foreground colours (black & white)
  • X – [when using a brush] when using a brush it toggles background with foreground colour
  • ] – [when using a brush] increases size of a brush
  • [ – [when using a brush] decreases size of a brush
  • SHIFT + ] – [when using a brush] increases hardness of brush
  • SHIFT + { – [when using a brush] decreases hardness of brush


  • CTRL + SHIFT + ; – toggle snapping on and off
  • F8 – toggle Info panel visibility
  • CTRL + W – close selected file
  • CTRL + ALT + W – close all opened files. Very useful if you have a lot of files opened and you need to close them all.

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