New version of HDR tutorial

Dolina Kościeliska in Tatra Mountains
Above image was processed using new feature available in Photomatix Pro 5 – Contrast Optimizer – new tonemapper producing very realistic images.

As you might already know, Photomatix Pro 5, was released today (you can download it from HDRsoft website) after a few weeks of public beta tests.

For that reason I decided to share updated version of my HDR tutorial: . I made a lot of changes in it. From small corrections, to rewriting whole sections and adding new ones. Also it’s now updated for Photomatix Pro 5 and describes various features present in it. I still plan to add a few things in next few weeks.

Hopefully you will like it. Previous version of HDR tutorial was displayed about 30.000 times making it the most popular page on my blog. I hope the new version will be as popular as previous one (or even more 🙂 ).

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