Welcome to my new blog

After 4 years of using Blogger as blogging platform of my choice I decided to move to WordPress. I was fed up with difficulties which I faced when trying to change layout of my blog. Blogger is cool if you want to use default theme & post your thoughts quickly but getting beyond that requires a lot of work and some things aren’t possible at all as you don’t have access to full source code of your website. WordPress on the other hand might be a little more difficult to get started with but it offers virtually unlimited options as far as look & extra features of the blog is concerned. So expect some great features here.

This new blog isn’t finalized yet (although it should have most of the content from the old one already), layout will definitely evolve in the next couple of days or weeks but I would really appreciate it if you could already let me know if you notice any of the following issues:

  • Broken links (or links leading to the old blog)
  • Missing images
  • Not working widgets / gadgets
  • Layout issues
  • Problems on tablets or smartphones
  • Performance issues

Daily photo – Warm morning light

For today I decided to share below HDR image taken during low tide on Railay Beach in southern Thailand. It was early in the morning and the beach was pretty much empty. I took 5 exposures, 1 EV apart and merged them & tone-mapped in Photomatix Pro. I then loaded the image back to Photoshop and finished it using luminosity masking technique to get the colours and contrast right.

BTW if you would like to learn more about HDR photography, make sure to read my free HDR tutorial.


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