Post-processing Ep 1: Long Exposure Photo from Lulworth Cove

I’m back to making tutorials finally! Something I planned for a really long time but was always too busy (I’m also busy right now but somehow manage to organize my time better). I want to go to the roots of this blog where I shared a lot of useful tips & tutorials, something a lot of you enjoyed.

For today I made this short video tutorial about editing landscape photos in Adobe Lightroom 6. Picture I edit is a long exposure photo I took in Lulworth Cove, Dorset, England. In this tutorial I’m using a lot of Lightroom tools such as:

  • Exposure settings,
  • Lens correction tools,
  • Spot removal tool,
  • Local adjustments (gradient and radial filter).

I hope you will like this tutorial – of course I’m open for suggestions and feedback.

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