Increasing clarity of night skies with Dehaze slider in Lightroom

Another short tip today, this time for Lightroom (or at least ACR) users.

As you might know, in one of the recent software updates, Adobe added new slider to Lightroom 6/CC – Dehaze. It’s main purpose is to restore some contrast and colour in foggy or hazy shots. I used it for a few of my shots already and I must say that I’m quite impressed. It really works as advertised and can be a life saver in cases where you can’t revisit a location and have to shoot in very poor weather conditions. However, it turns out it has one more great use – bringing back detail and clarity to starry skies.

You can see this slider in action below on one of my night photos from Zakopane in Polish Tatra Mountains. “Before” image is before applying Dehaze, and “After” – after moving it to +64. Other settings are exactly the same.

In this case Dehaze restored a lot of detail in the sky, which was quite hazy on that night, and generally made the sky much more clear and natural looking. Some stars which were faint became much more visible after applying it.

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