I’m back from Japan

I wasn’t active during last few weeks neither here on the blog nor on the social networks because I was travelling again. This time I went to Japan where I spent a total of 21 days – it was my longest trip so far and one of the most memorable ones too. Although as it was spring my main interest was to see sakura season (cherry blossoms) in as many spots as possible, I wanted to see a lot more including some of the ancient pilgrimage routes, traditional markets, feudal castles, ancient cedar forests, temples and shrines and much more. In total I visited more than a dozen of different towns and cities and travelled hundreds of miles by trains, airplanes and on foot (yeah, I did quite a few hikes here and there and I still feel it in the legs!).

Did I like Japan? Did I see sakura anywhere and did I manage to take good photos of it? What I found most interesting about Japan? Did I see famous Mt. Fuji?

I will answer all above questions in later posts (now I badly need some sleep) but today I would just like to share a few unedited images which I just imported from memory cards. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do (and I hope that final versions will be much better 🙂 ). Also as 21 days is quite a long trip I intend to share some tips on travelling to Japan.


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