Tsuki-ji Fish Market – Photoreport

Tsuki-ji Fish Market

Tsuki-ji fish market in Tokyo is the biggest fish market in the world. Although not all sections of it are opened to the public, quite a few are and as I love fish I couldn’t miss that opportunity and visited the market several times during my visit to Japan. Especially as the market is due to be moved from its historic location to different part of Tokyo in November 2016. So it was probably last chance for me to see it in the original location.

I especially enjoyed visiting so called inner market where real business happens. For that reason it is available for tourists after 9 AM (so tourists don’t disturb too much). Despite the fact, after that time most of the sales are done already, there is still a lot of interesting stuff going on there.

Tsuki-ji is also famous for its tuna fish auctions which starts almost daily around 5 AM. But as I mentioned in this post I decided to skip it and visit tuna auction in Kii-Katsuura instead. And I don’t regret 🙂

Today post will be slightly different than usually. Normally I post one image, with EXIF info and some other technical stuff. But today I would like to show you the nature of Tsuki-ji and sort of tell its story. So instead of one image, further down you will see several photos from this market. I used two wide angle lenses to capture the photos: Canon 16-35 f/4 IS USM and Canon 24 f/1.4 II. This combination allowed me to shoot hand-held in low light conditions.

Finally, I’d like to ask if you like such post? Let me know your thoughts!

Entrance to the inner market inside Tsuki-ji Fish Market

Entrance to the inner market inside Tsuki-ji Fish Market. It’s a really busy place with trucks running down the street every few seconds. It was important to be respectful to the people working there and don’t disturb them.


By the time tourists are allowed inside inner market most of the fish is already sold but you can still find stalls where there is still something to buy


Seeing how precise these workers are is really amazing


Wonderful tuna slices waiting to be eaten 🙂


Stall with crabs


Although alleys with stalls are most impressive, walking through some less spectacular areas also creates nice photo opportunities.

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