Back from Madeira, Pearl of Atlantic

Back from Madeira, Pearl of Atlantic

So far, this year I was quite unfortunate with my trips as one of them (to photograph brown bears in Finland) was cancelled just two weeks before the flight and I also had to change some other plans to visit Italy. Then I made plans to go to Madeira island but just a few days before my flight, the island was heavily hit with wildfires which burnt large part of the island forests and also caused danger to the capital city of Funchal (and unfortunately caused death of 3 people there). So it seemed I would need to change my plans once again. But on the day of my departure situation was more less under control, with most of the fires already extinguished, so I decided to go. And I don’t regret that! The island is as beautiful as ever with lush green forests, beautiful views over Atlantic ocean, great weather, tasty cuisine and very kind people. And I’m sure the forests that were burnt will soon recover.

During my one week stay in Madeira, I took large variety of photos from street images in Funchal to sunrise seen from 3rd highest peak on the island (Pico do Arieiro) to some abstract long exposures. And today I would just like to show you some of the pictures I quickly edited in Lightroom Mobile during my flight back to Poland. BTW editing pictures in the middle of the night with everyone else sleeping was strange experience. The edits were quick and I will share finished images in a few days or weeks. I will also share my opinion on the Lightroom Mobile soon.

I hope you like the photos 🙂


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