Best Photo Spots in Madeira

Best Photo Spots in Madeira

_X3A6897Madeira island is photographer’s paradise. It’s called Pearl of Atlantic for a reason. Despite the fact you will find something beautiful and worth photographing in the every corner of the island, I decided to compile a short list of best photo spots in Madeira – places that I found most worth photographing.

BTW I plan to add a few more spots to this list later on so stay tuned 🙂

Pico do ArieiroPico do Arieiro

Pico do Arieiro is 3rd highest peak on Madeira island and it offers great views during sunrise (if you’re lucky you will be able to see everything to the sea level) so it’s perfect for landscape photography. It’s also very accessible as there is car parking just about 20 meters away from the peak so you can get there easily by taxi or car.

My tip: what I recommend, however, is that you go down from the Pico do Arieiro down towards Pico do Ruivo a few dozens of meters. On the summit itself there is NATO radar which obstructs the views slightly. But if you go on the trail nothing will block your view.

Ribeira da Janela in the morningRibeira da Janela

There is very nice beach in the northern part of the island known as Ribeira da Janela. River that is flowing through it, made the boulders round and many of them are covered in lush green moss. What’s more there’s huge rock standing out of the sea making it even more attractive location for landscape photographers. And if I add that sun rises exactly behind it, you will be in photography heaven 🙂

My tip: the rocks are extremely slippery. And I mean EXTREMELY. I photographed on many slippery rocks but those were one of the worst I ever experienced. So be careful not to injure yourself or damage your equipment.

25 FontesRabacal to Rico and 25 Fontes levada

Trails along levadas (irrigation system on Madeira island) are beautiful on their own but my personal favorite is levada from Rabacal to Risco Waterfall and 25 Fontes (springs). The walk through the forest offers some great chance to photograph beautifully shaped laurel trees but it is waterfalls that are most impressive. Risco is 100 meters high. 25 Fontes on the other hand is like a small forest pond to which several smaller waterfalls fall. And it looks magical.

My tip: get there early. The place is very popular among tourists and there can be hundreds of them there at the same time ruining the experience completely! I was there completely alone.

Views over FunchalFunchal, capital of Madeira, at night

City of Funchal, capital city of Madeira, is surrounded by sea on one side and mountains on three other sides. What this means is that there are plenty of high vantage points overlooking the city and creating fantastic photo opportunities like the one on the right.

From all the viewpoints I visited my personal favorite is one just below Palheiro Golf club.

Ponta do Sao LourencoPonta de Sao Lourenco

Ponta de Sao Lourenco is fantastic piece of landscape in east part of Madeira, beautiful few kilometers long peninsula in the eastern part of the island. Much different than the rest of the island – there is no single tree, and the place looks very rugged with few dozen meters high cliffs and rocks standing out of the ocean.

My tip: even though the place offers great opportunities to take sunrise photos it requires experience in hiking (as the trail might not be the easiest one for beginners, especially in the night). So if you consider shooting sunrise you might in fact want to see near Ponta do Rosto.


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