View from Above and Canon 5D Mark IV

Canon 5D Mark IVCanon 5D Mark IV

After 4 long years of waiting for successor of 5D Mark III, Canon 5D Mark IV was recently finally announced and released. Despite the fact most of the time I prefer to wait for reviews and tests to emerge, this time I did something crazy and ordered it soon after announcement because on paper it looks like an ideal camera for me: it has slightly better base ISO dynamic range than 5D MK III (which in real life scenarios isn’t as bad as many people claim after viewing lab tests), more resolution, GPS and WiFi, and improved auto focus. Touch screen is also nice addition but it wasn’t decisive factor. I don’t care about video features so I really don’t care if 5D Mark IV uses good or bad 4K codec. Or if 1080p is possible at 120 FPS.

Many of you might wonder why I decided to stick to Canon, instead of switching to Sony or Nikon which have some very nice landscape photography oriented cameras. In fact, it was quite tempting at some point but what you should understand is that it’s not only about camera. It’s about whole system. I have too many Canon lenses which I really love to consider a switch (not to mention that I spent quite a lot of money on it…). Another thing is that it’s not only dynamic range that makes great camera. It’s also auto focus, color rendition, auto focus, low light capabilities and even ergonomics. I made a decision in the past, I know this system really well, I know how to use it to achieve the results I want. And with Canon 5D Mark IV, I think the move to another system won’t be necessary.

I just got the box today and I plan to do some very serious testing during next few days (mostly during the weekend) so expect first impressions review or test somewhere next week. I also hope to have some sample photos by that time 🙂

For now I only know that touch screen might be quite amazing feature, making taking photos even more pleasant and quicker.

View from Above

I mentioned it before but I will repeat it once again. Madeira is full of high vantage points offering fantastic views over Atlantic ocean, city of Funchal or various smaller villages. During my travels I often stopped to photograph from those high vantage points and today I would like to share one of such images.

View from above

Taking photo and post-processing

  • Camera: Canon 5D MK III (read my review)
  • Lens: Canon 70-300 f/4-5.6 L IS USM (read my review)
  • Focal length: 124 mm
  • Aperture: f/5.6
  • Exposure time: 1/250 s
  • ISO: 200
  • Number of exposures: 1
  • E.V. Step: n/a
  • Flash used: no
  • Tripod: yes
  • Filters: no
  • Technique: n/a
  • Software: Magic Lantern, Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC 2015, ON1 Effects 10.5

I started editing this image by applying lens correction and removing chromatic aberration. They weren’t significant as the lens I used generally is free from most problems. Next thing was to correct white balance (I found it a little bit too warm). Then I fixed exposure of the image as I found it too bright. Next step was to play with colors a little bit to make greens and yellows more pronounced.

After that I opened my photo in Photoshop, played with midtones contrast and then used ON1 Effects to add some clarity and boost colors even further.

Ok, that’s all for today. I’m off to test 5D Mark IV in the field 😉

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