Back from Cuba

Recently I was very silent on the blog because I was travelling again and this time I visited island of Cuba. Though it doesn’t offer that many landscape photography opportunities as other destinations I visited recently, it is still great with its colonial architecture, colorful houses, vintage cars, cigars and music everywhere. So this time I focused mostly on travel and street photography and despite the fact I’m no expert in street photography, I still took a few thousand of images. And there are some I really like 🙂

But did I fall in love with Cuba? Well, honestly speaking – no. There are many great things for photographer (like vintage cars I already mentioned) but also too many things reminded me of Poland in 70’s and 80’s (and partly in 90’s as well – even though communism fell in Poland in 1989 transformation didn’t happen in a single hour, it took years) like empty shop shelves, propaganda posters, equality which means everyone is equally poor (apart from few lucky ones of course) and things like that. And I found it difficult to be excited about seeing all this, I was feeling very sad instead…

Anyway below are a few unedited images I took during that trip.


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