Kegon Falls in Japan

I’m still very busy and haven’t taken any photo this year yet. However, I still have plenty of nice images from my last year trips and today I would like to share one of them. It shows amazing Kegon Falls in the Nikko area in Japan.

Also, in the last few days I slightly modified the layout of the blog. Also further to your comments (both here on the blog, Facebook and sent by email) I will be making additional adjustments to the blog layout to make it simpler to navigate as some of you pointed out that navigation right now is quite complex.

Kegon Falls

Taking photo and post-processing

As I wanted water to be smooth I decided to use long exposure. As I was shooting in the bright daylight I had to use neutral density filter (I used Formatt Hitech) what allowed me to use 1 second of exposure. I experimented with much longer exposures as well but as the speed of water was very high, there was no need for that.

Editing this image was very easy. I mainly increased contrast and color saturation a little bit. Additionally I cropped the image slightly and added vignette to darken the edges and draw viewer’s attention to the waterfall.

CAMERA: Canon 5D MK III (read my review)

LENS: Canon 16-35 f/4 L IS USM (read my review)


APERTURE: f/14.0


ISO: 100


E.V. STEP: n/a



FILTERS: ND400 neutral density filter

TECHNIQUE: long exposure

SOFTWARE: Magic Lantern, Capture One 10

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