Beginning Food Photography

One of my great passions apart from photography and software development (yes, that’s a passion too! probably greatest of them all) is food. I love eating great food and I love cooking. However, up to now I was a bit reluctant to share any photos of dishes I cooked for a few reasons. I’m beginner to artificial light photography, I know nothing about food photography and last but not least my food (even if tasty) doesn’t have that food photography look. Most of the time it looks like pretty random mess.

Anyway in the last few months I’ve been trying to improve on every aspect mentioned above and today I’d like to share my attempt. There’s still a long way to go both regarding photography technique and food styling but I think it looks quite ok as for the first attempt ever.

As for the meal it’s an herbs marinated octopus with roasted carrot and red pepper, brown rice and with basil & pine nuts pesto. The most complex element of the dish was octopus which I first cooked in the low temperature (77 C degrees) for 5 hours to make it tender and then grilled it for a few minutes to get crispy skin on the outside.

Kegon Falls

Taking photo and post-processing

Taking this photo was very simple in this case. I put a single flash with a softbox on one side of the plate and big white reflector on the other.

And editing was even simpler – I just slightly increased the contrast and changed saturation of some colors a bit.

CAMERA: Canon 5D MK IV (read my review)

LENS: Canon 100 f/2.8 L IS USM Macro (read my review)


APERTURE: f/16.0

EXPOSURE: 1/100 s

ISO: 200


E.V. STEP: n/a

FLASH: yes, single flash through softbox at 1/16 power



TECHNIQUE: flash photography

SOFTWARE: Lightroom CC

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