Sleeklens Landscape Photoshop Actions Review

Introduction and Pricing

Recently I was approached by Jane from Sleeklens to review their Landscape Adventure Workflow actions for Photoshop and so here’s the review.

You can get the actions here:

The regular price is 120 USD although at the time of writing the actions are on extra-sale and you can get them for 49 USD instead. Actions should work both in Photoshop CC and Photoshop Elements.

Using the actions

First of all, installing the actions was super easy.

The actions are divided into several categories which are useful in landscape photography editing workflow. From basic adjustments like Exposure, BaseTone, Temperature to ones that change the look of the image significantly – Specialty (which contains a few special effects e.g. “Dreamy Landscape” or “Sunset Flare”) and All in One category that applies certain look to your images, like for instance “Punchy Black and White” or “Dawn Rising”.

The actions are super easy and especially fun to use. And for some images (especially sunset/sunrise) the results can be truly spectacular as you will see further in the review. By following the order in which actions are ordered (Exposure, Base, Tone, All In One, Enhance, Temperature) you can create nicely looking image in just a few clicks. The actions are called “Workflow” for a reason as they really offer complete landscape photography editing workflow.

The biggest gripe I have with Sleeklens is that makes it difficult to work in a non-destructive work (which is my usual way of editing images as I can go back to the beginning of edits, make some adjustments there, and my other changes are “automatically” reapplied without need to redo all work). The image has to be flattened before applying most of the actions.

I also miss any action for adding vignette which I use very often in my workflow as you might have noticed when viewing my photos.

Sample images

Below you can see the effect of using Sleeklens on my photos. For each of the photos I also provide list of the Sleeklens actions I used:

Sleeklens Actions used:

  1. EXPOSURE Reduce Highlights
  2. BASE Expanded Dynamic Range
  3. TONE Sunset Colors
  4. ALL IN ONE Subtle Sunset
  6. ENHANCE Deep Blue Sky

I must say that the below image is my favorite I edited with Sleeklens so far as Sleeklens has a lot of actions dedicated for sunset. And they’re really fantastic! Just look at those colors!

Sleeklens Actions used:

  1. BASE Clarity
  2. TONE Color Pop
  3. ALL IN ONE Subtle Sunset
  4. ENHANCE Deep Blue Sky

Sleeklens Actions used:

  1. EXPOSURE Reduce Highlights
  2. BASE Clarity
  4. ALL IN ONE Expanded Dynamic Range
  5. EXPOSURE Contrast


Summing up, Sleeklens Landscape Adventure Workflow is a great collection of Photoshop actions that can really make your landscape photography pop. Professionals can benefit from speeding up their workflow while beginners will find it extremely fun to experiment with their images.

As it misses a few things, however, it won’t replace my current workflow unless Sleeklens will make improvements to it that I suggested (adding vignette and editing non-destructively). But it will be yet another tool in my palette that I will use from time to time, especially to edit sunset/sunrise photos as it can really make them pop.

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