Back from Finnish Lapland

I’ve just returned from Finnish part of Lapland where I spent last 9 days chasing northern lights, trekking, driving snowmobile, trying cross-country skiing (I still feel pain in my muscles after trying that one!) and a few other crazy and wonderful activities. I also finally tried to fly my new Phantom 4 Pro drone but the results are not yet good enough to share a detailed review (but expect review-in-progress in the next few days). And I almost crashed it due to aurora magnetic interference but that’s a story I’ll share on a different occasion. And it wasn’t drone fault in any way.

As for the northern lights, or auroras, yes I caught them. I saw them several times even though their activity was highly unpredictable during my stay due to specific behaviour of sun. There was a night when very strong northern lights were predicted but there were none in the sky – just millions of stars. There was a night when very small activity was forecasted yet the northern lights display was the strongest during last month (classified as severe storm or G2 if you know kp-index meaning)! All in all I saw aurora 4 times and took hundreds of images of it. But I’m hungry for more! And I’m already planning next trips to the far north!

Below you will find animated GIF which is example of what I’ve managed to capture. The edit was very quick on this one, basically just some white balance correction and contrast improvement, just to see how it’ll work (I couldn’t wait myself to see the first results!). It wasn’t the strongest activity I saw but I think it still looks fairly cool. I’m looking forward to hearing your opinions!

Stunning aurora display in Lapland, Finland


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  • Garthgoyle

    Photography and backcountry skiing (snowboarding for me), the two things I love the most. You sir, are sure living the dream.
    Can’t wait to see some of the work you come up with. The GIF is already looking great.

  • Wojciech Toman

    Thank you. I hope you will like my work!