Photomatix Pro 6 is coming!

It was very difficult for me to keep this as a secret for much longer but I’m now allowed by my company to tell you this:

Photomatix Pro 6 is coming!

Finally 🙂 The release date hasn’t been announced yet and there is a lot of info I still can’t share with you at this point (like show you how the new UI looks for instance) but I’m allowed to talk a little bit about new features that will be available in Photomatix Pro 6 😉

One of them is new rendering method. And today I would like to share HDR image edited using this brand new rendering method, called Tone Balancer, which is especially useful if you’re after that natural look.  It means it’s perfect for landscape, architecture and real-estate photographers. It’s very easy to use and the results are really fantastic! I love it so much that it became one of my favourite rendering methods already (besides Contrast Optimizer, which is available since version 5).

BTW make sure to follow official Photomatix account on Facebook for news and updates. Especially if you don’t want to miss public beta tests which are expected in the future and in which everyone will be able to participate.

HDR photo edited with Photomatix Pro 6

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  • Garthgoyle

    Awesome image! Can’t wait to see the newest Photomatix version. I’ve been using 5 and I like quite much but I found myself using either Lightroom or Photoshop to blend the exposures when I want a more realistic image.

  • Wojciech Toman

    Thanks 🙂 I think you’ll like new Photomatix version 🙂

  • Pavan Kumar

    That’s an amazing image! Look forward to using it 🙂

  • Wojciech Toman

    Thanks 🙂