Reindeer Farm in Lapland

In Finland, I wasn’t only photographing northern lights. After all, they are only visible at night, so I had a few hours spare time each day for other activities. One day I went to a reindeer farm where reindeer are prepared to pull sleighs much to tourists fun. Some of them are tamed already but some of them, like the ones in the photo below, are still wild animals.

Reindeer farm

Taking photo and post-processing

It probably doesn’t look that way, but editing this photo was a real nightmare and challenge. Why? Because Before photo had a lot of ropes and cords with which reindeer were attached to the trees (remember – that was reindeer farm and not wilderness). And I decided to remove all of them to produce a more pleasing image. It means a lot of cloning was involved, and I used 3 various photos to do that. I still find cloning very difficult even though I’m getting better and better at using it. I hope that in the After image it’s very hard to notice any cloning artifacts.

I also cropped the image significantly to make the composition a  bit cleaner and focus viewer’s attention on the reindeer in front (by removing distracting elements on either side and also by framing reindeer with trees).

Apart from that lighting conditions were quite difficult (subject was backlit) so I spent a considerable amount of time fixing that using luminosity masks.

All of above took me several hours to do but I think the end result was worth all the work as it looks quite good!

CAMERA: Canon 5D MK IV (read my review)

LENS: Canon 16-35 f/4 L IS USM (read my review)



EXPOSURE: 1/640 s

ISO: 100


E.V. STEP: n/a





SOFTWARE: Lightroom CC, Photoshop

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