Sunset in Manarola

I’m very sorry for not writing anything for the last couple of weeks (almost a month! How did that happen?!) but I was very busy again. Besides, I had one of those difficult times when I was doubting in my photography and my photography skills. A lot.

Today I would like to share with you a photo of famous Manarola town in Cinque Terre I took during golden hour earlier this year. The light was spectacular, almost golden and it contrasted very nicely with a cool tone of the sea.

Kegon Falls

Taking photo and post-processing

As I wanted water to be smooth I decided to use long exposure of 30 seconds. Unfortunately, at the site, I realised my Formatt Hitech filters were very dirty and I had no means of cleaning them. So I switched back to my backup – screw-in ND400 by Hoya. Not the ideal solution but I used it for many photos and usually they were looking very good. Note to myself: make sure that not only lenses need cleaning before heading to a photo shoot, but the filters need that too.

As for the editing, I mainly used Lightroom CC and Photoshop this time.

I started by making white balance a little less yellow as I found the image too warm even for the sunset picture. After that, I restored some highlights and especially the shadows. I also increased Clarity. Final adjustment I did in Lightroom was increasing saturation of Blues.

In Photoshop I used luminosity masks to improve the colours and contrast even more and then sharpened the image.

CAMERA: Canon 5D MK IV (read my review)

LENS: Canon 24-105 f/4 L IS USM


APERTURE: f/13.0


ISO: 200


E.V. STEP: n/a



FILTERS: ND400 neutral density filter

TECHNIQUE: long exposure

SOFTWARE: Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC

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  • Spencer McDonald

    Never doubt your work. You gotta believe in you so that your excellence shine through. And this photo… your excellence is shining bright. Well done and I like the explanation of how you create your masterpiece. Cheers to you.

  • Wojciech Toman

    Thank you Spencer for very kind words! I think that every photographer has such moments when he doesn’t like his work or don’t see any progress.