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21May 2017

Photomatix Pro 6 released! New features overview

May 21st, 2017|Categories: Photomatix Pro|

Photomatix Pro 6 now available Photomatix Pro 6 was officially released today. You can download Photomatix Pro 6 here: https://www.hdrsoft.com/download/pmp.html Pricing and upgrading policy The regular price of Photomatix Pro 6 is 99 USD. Upgrade to Photomatix Pro 6 is free for everyone who bought version 5.x. Those of you who bought Photomatix Pro 4 or older can upgrade to the newest version for just 29 USD. New features Below you can watch a video in which I overview main new features introduce in Photomatix Pro 6: If you prefer reading, here is the list of the main updates introduced in Photomatix Pro 6: New realistic rendering method - Tone Balancer. It's perfect for landscape and architecture work in my opinion. Since it was added, it became one [...]

12May 2017

Lemon Tree in Corniglia

May 12th, 2017|Categories: cinque terre|

Nowadays, I very rarely take photos in the middle of the day. I prefer to wait for good light available at sunset or get up early for some sunrise magic. However, there are occasions where mid-day light still works quite well. And I think it was the case with the scene below, which shows the lemon tree near Corniglia in Cinque Terre. Greens of the foliage and blue of the sky looked really nice even though it was middle of the day (of course, I had to use a circular polarizer to get rid of some unwanted reflections). Corniglia, which is one of the five Cinque Terre towns, is the only town that doesn't have direct access to the sea (it's located high on [...]

8May 2017

Manarola in the Evening

May 8th, 2017|Categories: cinque terre|

I wanted to photograph this famous view from Manarola town in Cinque Terre, Italy for years! And when I was recently in Cinque Terre, I finally managed to. It's a stunning view that looks especially gorgeous during a sunset or blue hour. But honestly speaking I liked nearby Vernazza a little bit more. You see, in Manarola there is mainly this one view. But Vernazza can be photographed from various angles and perspectives and from all of them it looks equally beautiful. Taking photo and post-processing In this case, I decided to use a long exposure (more than 2 minutes) to blur water completely. Rough see and colourful reflections of the street lamps created a pretty nice effect I think! To edit this image I [...]

5May 2017

Vernazza at Sunset – Timelapse

May 5th, 2017|Categories: cinque terre|

Recently I'm experimenting a lot with new techniques to improve my landscape photography and one of them are time-lapses. I already shared some attempt showing Aurora activity in Finland, but in Cinque Terre, I was doing even more experimentation. I even tried capturing "Holy Grail" of time-lapse photography - a day to night transition. It was challenging but fun experiment and you can see the result from it in the short video below. The main challenge in such time-lapses is that brightness of the scene changes quite a lot during the transition from a day to night (from very bright just before sunset, dark when evening begins, and a bit brighter again after street lamps are switched on). Not everything went well - I made [...]

4May 2017

Back from Cinque Terre

May 4th, 2017|Categories: cinque terre|

Visiting Cinque Terre on Italian coast was on my bucket list for several years, and in the last few days, I finally managed to travel there. Did I like it? I loved it! Great vistas, fantastic panoramic hikes, picturesque narrow streets, delicious food and wine - all of that and more is there. I took plenty of still photos and several time-lapse videos as well, and I can't wait to start editing them especially as I was really lucky with the light. Today I would like to show you an (almost) unedited image from Vernazza - one of 5 towns in the Cinque Terre area. I hope you will like it!

21April 2017

Photomatix Pro 6 Beta now Available!

April 21st, 2017|Categories: finland, Photomatix Pro|

Photomatix Pro 6 has been in the works for many months now, and today public beta has been released. It means you can finally try it out! BTW above image from Finland (as well as this photo) was rendered in Photomatix Pro 6, and I used some of the features introduced in it to get the desired result faster and easier. You can download Photomatix Pro 6 beta here: https://www.hdrsoft.com/download/beta/photomatix-pro-6-beta.php Below is the list of the main updates introduced in Photomatix Pro 6: New realistic rendering method - Tone Balancer. It's perfect for landscape and architecture work in my opinion. Since it was added, it became one of my favourite rendering methods along Contrast Optimizer. Individual colour adjustments - you can now edit each colour's (e.g. yellow [...]

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