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17March 2017

Canon 5D Mark IV review

March 17th, 2017|Categories: review|

Although I wrote my first impressions review of Canon 5D Mark IV some time ago I also promised to write a more thorough article after spending more time with this camera. Also I hoped to verify my initial findings in it. And as I've been using Canon 5D Mark IV quite a lot in the last few months (for instance during my trips to Cuba, Finland and during some studio work at home) I can share my final thoughts on this DSLR. If you're lazy to read whole this article, I'll tell you one thing: it's excellent! Please note that as a photographer I will focus on still features (I virtually don't shoot video at all... although this started to change recently) and on features especially [...]

14March 2017

How to Photograph Northern Lights

March 14th, 2017|Categories: tutorial|

What are Northern Lights? Auroras, known as Northern Lights in the northern hemisphere and as Southern Lights in southern hemisphere, are one of the most impressive and beautiful natural phenomena on Earth.  It's a stunning colorful light display in the sky caused by particles released from the Sun colliding with gases in Earth atmosphere. Typically they are green, sometimes they are yellow or purple. But there are also very rare auroras that are completely red, blue and even black. Color of the aurora depends on the gas particles it collides with. Aurora isn't static - it dances in the sky, sometimes moving slowly and gently and sometimes moving very quickly. Aurora can last just a few minutes or the spectacle might go on [...]

13March 2017

Back from Finnish Lapland

March 13th, 2017|Categories: finland|

I've just returned from Finnish part of Lapland where I spent last 9 days chasing northern lights, trekking, driving snowmobile, trying cross-country skiing (I still feel pain in my muscles after trying that one!) and a few other crazy and wonderful activities. I also finally tried to fly my new Phantom 4 Pro drone but the results are not yet good enough to share a detailed review (but expect review-in-progress in the next few days). And I almost crashed it due to aurora magnetic interference but that's a story I'll share on a different occasion. And it wasn't drone fault in any way. As for the northern lights, or auroras, yes I caught them. I saw them several times even though their activity was highly unpredictable during [...]

1March 2017

London at Night

March 1st, 2017|Categories: london|

Today I would like to share yet another image from my recent trip to London. It shows Millenium Bridge and St. Paul's cathedral late at night. In this case, as almost in case of all my night HDR photos, I used Exposure Fusion to achieve the most natural effect possible (and to avoid amplifying any potential noise). If you would like to learn more about Exposure Fusion, read my tutorial about it: http://hdr-photographer.com/hdr-tutorial-exposure-fusion/ Taking photo and post-processing As I didn't have tripod with me (I was travelling very light this time) I had to use environment to my advantage. What I did was to put camera on a railing and use timer to release the camera. And so even without tripod I took [...]

24February 2017

Beginning Food Photography

February 24th, 2017|Categories: food|

One of my great passions apart from photography and software development (yes, that's a passion too! probably greatest of them all) is food. I love eating great food and I love cooking. However, up to now I was a bit reluctant to share any photos of dishes I cooked for a few reasons. I'm beginner to artificial light photography, I know nothing about food photography and last but not least my food (even if tasty) doesn't have that food photography look. Most of the time it looks like pretty random mess. Anyway in the last few months I've been trying to improve on every aspect mentioned above and today I'd like to share my attempt. There's still a long way to go both regarding photography [...]

22February 2017

The Spiral

February 22nd, 2017|Categories: london|

During my recent visit in London I finally had a chance to visit Tate Modern museum of modern art, which was the only great museum in London, I hadn't visited before. Tate Modern museum has a truly amazing collection of modern art and you can spend a few hours there if you're into modern art. And even if you're not, as a photographer you will certainly appreciate the building in which the museum is located. The building is former power station and it is really impressive and monumental - for instance so called turbine hall has dimensions of 155 meters long x 23 meters wide x 35 meters high! Also a lot of bricks, concrete and steel makes it a great place to take some architectural images. Today [...]

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