6 December 2017

Photomatix for Linux 1.1 Released

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Photomatix for Linux 1.1

Yesterday, Photomatix for Linux 1.1 has been officially released after several weeks of beta testing.

Photomatix for Linux uses the same rendering engine as Photomatix Pro 6 what means you can now create really incredible HDR images on Linux 🙂

Pricing and Trial

The full license of Photomatix for Linux 1.1 costs 49 USD. Free trial version is also available for download.

You can purchase Photomatix for Linux here:

Or you can also download a trial version (which never expires but adds watermarks to the saved photos) below:

New Features in version 1.1

Here’s the summary of new features available in version 1.1:

  • New Tone Mapping methodTone Balancer, which is great for realistic HDR photos. And as you might already know from my overview of Photomatix Pro 6, it’s my favourite tone-mapper besides Contrast Optimizer.
  • Finishing Touch window which offers several basic adjustments – Contrast, Sharpening and Crop.
  • Thumbnails for custom presets
  • New slider for Contrast Optimizer called Luminance.
  • RAWs from several more recent cameras are now supported.
  • Added German language version.
  • Slightly updated user interface (as you can see in the screenshot attached to this post).

HDR Tutorial

If you would like to get started with Photomatix for Linux or HDR photography, make sure to read my free HDR tutorial:


If you would like to have more presets to get started using Photomatix for Linux, make sure to download my free collection of 111 presets for Photomatix (most of them should be fully compatible with Photomatix for Linux) here:

To install the presets on Linux simply extract and copy them to /home/<user_name>/.photomatix/custom_presets directory.

Have fun!

2 November 2016

Photomatix FX for iPhone is out!

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Photomatix FX adjustmentsPhotomatix FX for iPhone

I have some interesting news for you today guys 🙂

At HDRsoft we have just released Photomatix FX for iPhone!

It’s a free and easy to use app which uses powerful prioprietary Photomatix Pro technology to enhance single photos taken with your phone (or ones that are stored in its memory). Additionally it lets you make some basic edits like contrast, brightness, temperature, saturation adjustments, crop and rotation. Once you’re happy with your image, you can easily share it on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Instagram or save it to your iPhone memory.

Main FeaturesPhotomatix FX home screen

Main features of Photomatix FX app are listed below:

  • It includes 6 photo enhancement effects: ‘Balanced’, ‘Enhanced’, ‘Vibrant’, ‘Painterly’, ‘Surreal’ and ‘Grunge’ that let you achieve any image style – from natural to painterly.
  • After selecting the effect you can apply some adjustments to the image which include: Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Warmth, Strength, Cropping and Rotation.
  • There is a single paid adjustment, Strength, which lets you control strength of the Effects adjustments. You can get this paid adjustment for 1.99 USD.
  • Of course at any time you can compare your edited image with original photo to see what changes you made.
  • Once you finished editing, the photo can be shared with your friends via Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and Twitter or saved to iPhone memory.

Get Photomatix FX for iPhone

The app is completely free (but it also includes one purchasable adjustment, Strength, at the moment).

You can get it from iOS App Store:

22 July 2016

Photomatix OneShot

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Photomatix OneShot officially released

Photomatix OneShotJust 2 weeks ago I shared with you news about Photomatix for Linux, and today I would like to mention that another product has just joined Photomatix family.

This time it’s called Photomatix OneShot. It’s an easy to use app that lets you apply Photomatix magic to single images (so it isn’t HDR this time).

Key features are:

  • Photomatix OneShot includes stand-alone app and extension for Apple Photos app,
  • A lot of built-in presets to get you started,
  • Adjustment sliders to let you fine-tune settings to your liking,
  • Advanced denoising algorithm to reduce any noise in your source images,
  • Finishing options to improve contrast and sharpness of your image,
  • Photomatix OneShot is currently Mac only but Windows version is in the works.

The license costs just 19 USD.

If you would like to learn more about Photomatix OneShot or download free trial (it never expires but adds watermark to the saved images), visit below website:

11 July 2016

Photomatix for Linux. Photomatix coming to Linux

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Photomatix for Linux

Photomatix for Linux

A bit different post today 🙂

Just a few days ago HDRsoft, company I’m working for, released new product – Photomatix for Linux which is basically what the name says – Photomatix targeted for Linux OS.

It has many pro features, including excellent tone-mappers known from Photomatix Pro, image alignment and deghosting (automatic only), Fusion/Natural exposure fusion method and batch processing. And much more.

Currently, supported distributions include Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

There is now launch promotion that lets you buy Photomatix for Linux for just $24.50! It’s off 50% from regular price which is set at $49. The promotion is valid until 31st August.

So if you’re using Linux OS, you can get Photomatix for Linux here:

You can also download trial version (it never expires but adds watermarks to the saved photos) below:

BTW to the left of this text you can see lovely icon used by Photomatix for Linux 🙂

22 December 2015

New HDR tutorial: Learn how to create realistic HDR photos

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New HDR tutorial

Here’s a little Christmas gift for all my readers 😉

It’s been several years since I published first version of my HDR tutorial. During that time thousands of photographers have read it (tutorial has around 100.000 views, excluding PDF versions) and learnt my approach to HDR photography. But recently I haven’t done any serious changes to it, just cosmetic corrections.

So for last few months I was working busily on a complete overhaul of it – with new techniques, tips and a lot of new sample photos. I also wanted to update tutorial for new version of Photomatix Pro (5.1), which was released earlier this year.

And I’m happy to announce that this new version is now ready for you to read, below:

Here’s short summary of changes:

  • Completely new section about advanced HDR techniques in which I write a few words for instance about HDR panoramas or long exposure HDR photography,
  • Addition of Sample HDR photos section – if you don’t have bracketed photos yet, you can play with some images taken by me – the list of the available images grows slowly and I hope everyone will find something for himself – check the list from time to time to find new images,
  • Tutorial is now updated for Photomatix Pro 5.1, which is the most recent version,
  • Updated structure of the tutorial, move some sub-sections and paragraphs around,
  • Added tonnes of new tips, definitions and explanations to make HDR tutorial even easier to understand,
  • Minor corrections and updates.

Please also note that it isn’t the end of changes – I intend to add several new things to the tutorial in the few next weeks. Also if there is something you would like to see added, let me know.

I hope you will enjoy this updated version 🙂

Sunset in Warsaw

27 November 2015

Photomatix Pro Black Friday Deal

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Photomatix Pro Black Friday Deal

If you have considered getting yourself Photomatix Pro or Essentials, now might be the best time to purchase it as HDRsoft offers 25% Black Friday deal on its website. To get it:

  1. Visit HDRsoft website.
  2. During check-out use following coupon code to apply your discount: BLF2015

Note: the coupon is valid until 6th of December!

And to get you started with Photomatix, I highly recommend my free HDR tutorial:

Blue hour in London

Today I’d like to share a bit older high dynamic range image taken near Tower Bridge in London. As you can see I wasn’t the only one photographing on that day. Despite most of the photographers already left (many leave as soon as sunset finishes – big mistake!) but there were still a few taking photos.

Blue hour in London (more…)

28 September 2015

FAQ on Photomatix and HDR by HDRsoft

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FAQ on Photomatix and HDR photography

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this but on HDRsoft website there is excellent FAQ section on Photomatix and HDR photography in general.

Of course many questions & answers are related to using Photomatix or issues that you could potentially run into but there are also some more general questions like: “What is the ideal exposure spacing?”, “How do I capture a very high contrast scene?” or “I am getting noisy results. Is there a way to avoid this?” – each with very detailed answer that should help you in making your HDR photos better!

So if you have questions about HDR photography make sure to visit that FAQ as there is a chance it’ll answer them. Of course if it doesn’t you can always try asking me here on my blog and I will try to provide as detailed answer as possible (provided I know it of course 🙂 )

You can visit the FAQ under the URL below:

Featured photo – Busy morning in Warsaw

Today I have a sunrise image from Warsaw for you. It’s a light trails image taken during Sunday sunrise so I didn’t expect much traffic but quite to my surprise there were quite a few cars there on the streets already. I took 44 exposures in total in this case – 5 of them were bracketed images to create HDR photo (and make shadows brighther because they were almost pitch black) and remaining 39 frames were used to create light trails by blending the images together in Photoshop.

If you would like to create such photos yourself, make sure to read my HDR tutorial.

Busy morning in Warsaw (more…)

5 September 2015

Photomatix Pro 5.1 is out! Favorite presets, new slider and more

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Chania at Night

Today Photomatix Pro 5.1, new version of software I use to create all my HDR photos, was officially released by HDRsoft. You can download it from HDRsoft website:

Of course update is free for all licensed users of Photomatix Pro 5.

The list of most important updates is below:

  • Favorite presets – you can now ‘star’ your favorite presets to get quicker access to them. To do this, just click on the little star icon located in the left-bottom corner of the preset thumbnail. After that you can switch to Favorite presets category to see only presets you marked as favorite.
  • New presets category: Architecture – this new category lists presets especially useful for architecture and real-estate photographers. At the same time two completely new presets were added (‘Interior 3’ and ‘Smooth 3’) that you will both find under Architecture category.
  • Fusion/Real-Estate was renamed to Fusion/Interior
  • Brightness slider added to Fusion/Interior – If you have ever found images from Fusion/Interior too dark, this slider will help you fix that easily.
  • Batch bracketed now allows you to select base exposure used for deghosting
  • Alignment presets – when aligning your bracketed images you can now select preset (such as hand-held, on tripod and a few more) instead of choosing alignment method
  • Support for RAWs from recent cameras including Canon 5DS and 5DS R, Canon 750D/760D as well as Nikon D7200 and many other camera models.
  • User interface of batch windows was redesigned to make it easier to use.
  • Bug fixes

I will also soon update my HDR tutorial to reflect changes introduced in Photomatix Pro 5.1 – I’ll let you know once it’s done.