22 March 2016

Lighthouse and Long Exposure

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Today I would like to share with you long exposure black & white image of a beautiful lighthouse located in the entrance to the port in Chania, Greece. I used exposure of 75 seconds to blur water completely and although I don’t use exposures that long very often, I hope to take more and more of them for my images as I really like dreamy fine art look it creates. And as I got myself some nice Formatt Hitech neutral density filters and intend to put them to some extensive testing over next couple of weeks (so you can expect another review from me 🙂 ) it should be a lot easier to achieve.

Lighthouse (more…)

21 March 2016

Chania at Night

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Chania at Night

As you probably know from my earlier posts, Chania town in Greece I visited last summer is a beautiful place at all times of the day but it gets even prettier during early evening when sky and water turn blue and street lanterns are lit. So I spent quite a lot of time trying to capture this unique atmosphere and here is one of my attempts.

In this case I wanted to create really calm image (despite the fact the place is quite busy with all the tourists looking for a place to eat their dinner) so I used long-exposure to smooth all motion. Also as dynamic range was quite high (because there were deep shadows and very bright street lamps) I decided to use HDR – 5 frames at 1 EV spacing were enough.

Chania at Night (more…)

1 February 2016

Lulworth Cove in UK

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Lulworth Cove in UK

Today I decided to share long exposure image I took last summer in Lulworth Cove in Dorset, England. I wanted to blur all movement (also to get rid of people) so I used long exposure here – 20 seconds were enough partially because it was very windy day.

Lulworth Cove in UK (more…)

14 January 2016

Most Popular Posts of 2015

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Most Popular Posts of 2015

2015 has finally come to an end and January is usually time of various summaries. So today I decided to write a short ranking of most popular posts on my blog in the last 12 months in case you missed some of them 🙂 Here’s the list ordered by post popularity:

  1. HDR tutorial – it’s my most popular post ever (around 100k views already and counting) and with the recent overhaul it isn’t surprising it won the ranking again.
  2. Capture One 8 Review. Or why I said “goodbye” to Lightroom – my review of Capture One 8 (review of Capture One 9 is still in progress 🙂 ). From this review you’ll learn why I decided to switch to C1 and leave Lightroom behind.
  3. Capture One Film Styles Review – another Capture One related review. In this one I reviewed presets by Alexander Svet. The presets are great as they try to recreate look of various traditional films.
  4. Canon 16-35 f/4 L IS USM Review – I bought Canon 16-35 f/4 L IS at the beginning of 2015 and almost immediately it became one of my favorite lenses as it is perfect for my landscape photography needs. If you’re interested to learn why, read this review
  5. 500px vs Flickr vs Google+ vs Facebook – Where should you share your images? – back in 2013 I wrote a series of posts in which I compared various social networks from photographer’s perspective. After 2 years I decided to make another comparison as there were many changes to each of the websites. What changed? Which website is the best to share your photos? Read this article 🙂
  6. Lightroom 6 Review – in 2015 Adobe finally released a long awaited Lightroom 6/CC. What’s my opinion about it? You can read in this review.
  7. Photomatix Pro 5.1 is out! Favorite presets, new slider and more – in 2015, HDRsoft also released a new version of Photomatix Pro 5.1 which added some new features like favorite presets or brightness slider to Fusion/Real-Estate.
  8. Photo Editing Apps Comparison: Gimp, Lightroom, Photoshop – I was asked for this post for some time. I compared various photo editing apps (Gimp, Lightroom and Photoshop) and mentioned strengths and weaknesses of each of them.
  9. HDR Tutorial – Sample HDR photos to play with – by the end of 2015 I added new section to my blog where I share sample bracketed photos for you to play with. Make sure to share the results with me 🙂 leave a comment on my blog or send me an email 🙂
  10. Throne Hall in Amalienborg Palace – this is the photo only post. Not a tutorial or review. Photo was taken in Copenhagen in a beautiful Amalienborg Castle. Really stunning piece of architecture.

BTW if you’re interested to see similar ranking from 2014, you can find it here.

Lonely boat on Sunrise Beach

Today I would like to share another photo from Thailand. This one was taken on sunrise beach on Koh Lipe island, during one very beautiful sunrise. Editing was done almost entirely inside CaptureOne 9. Some finishing touches were done using ON1 Effects plugin inside Photoshop.

Lonely boat on Sunrise Beach (more…)

4 December 2015

Capture One & Photomatix Pro HDR workflow

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Capture One & Photomatix Pro HDR workflow

As you probably know I love Photomatix Pro and recently I also felt in love with Phase One Capture One. Before moving to Capture One I used Lightroom and my HDR workflow was simple: select the bracketed images in Lightroom, export them to Photomatix using a plugin, make adjustments in Photomatix, save the image and it would automatically show in Lightroom allowing me to make final adjustments there or send the image to Photoshop for instance.

As much as I like Capture One, it made my HDR workflow a bit more complicated because it doesn’t support plugins (unfortunately just released version 9, hasn’t changed anything in this regard) so it’s not possible to open bracketed images directly in Photomatix from Capture One level. It means different approach is needed and I would like to share my current HDR workflow with you.

Here are main steps:

  1. First I do basic adjustments like lens correction, removing chromatic aberration, white balance or noise reduction in Capture One
  2. I export the images as 16-bit TIFF files to a folder where my source images are stored (of course recipe is needed for that).
  3. I load exported TIFF images to Photomatix and merge them to HDR where I post-process them as I would normally do.
  4. After doing the adjustments in Photomatix I save the image as 16-bit TIFF in the directory where source images are located
  5. I switch back to Capture One. As I saved HDR image in the same directory as source images, it appears there automatically.
    Note: make sure to disable following option in Capture One: main menu View -> Global Filters -> Always Hide Processed TIFF . In my case it was checked by default and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why my tone-mapped images didn’t show in Capture One.
  6. I do fine tuning in Capture One. This includes working on colors and contrast, removing dust spots, local adjustments etc.
  7. If I need more control I export the image from Capture One to Photoshop.

It seems to be quite complicated but apart from steps 2 and 3 it doesn’t differ much from my previous Lightroom workflow. In case of Lightroom these 2 steps were one – export the images from Lightroom to Photomatix and it happened almost automatically, a bit more work is needed here.

Sunset in Mexico

Today I’d like to share long-exposure HDR taken in Mexico in 2014, post-processed in Capture One and Photomatix (yes, above workflow applies here). I really like this silky smooth water. It looks sort of dreamy or painterly.

Sunset in Mexico (more…)

3 December 2015

Venetian Port in Chania

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Capture One 9 is out

If you haven’t heard the news, Phase One has just released new version of their flagship app, Capture One, that I use for almost all my editing. I still haven’t spent enough time with it but the update looks quite promising so far so expect updated review from me very soon. For now you can read my thoughts on Capture One 8.

It also made me realize that I promised to share my HDR workflow with Capture One and Photomatix. The post is almost ready so I hope to share it in a few days from now.

Venetian Port in Chania

I was sure I had already shared this photo here on my blog but after looking through the archives it seems that I haven’t. So here it is today 🙂

It’s a long exposure black & white image showing lighthouse and Venetian port in Chania, Greece, where I spent a week in summer this year. It’s a lovely and very photogenic place and I hope to revisit it in the future!

Venetian Port in Chania (more…)