HDR & Photomatix Tutorials

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In this section you can read tutorials related to HDR photography & Photomatix Pro:

Thumbnail Name Difficulty level Description
How to restore settings from tone-mapped image? beginner Short tip on how to read tone-mapping settings from the file processed with Photomatix Pro.
How to take handheld HDR photo? beginner Tutorial giving tips how to shoot HDR photos without a tripod.
How to use Magic Lantern for taking bracketed photos beginner Tutorial on using Magic Lantern for shooting HDR photos.
Photographing sculptures in HDR beginner Tutorial on using HDR for sculptures photography.
Photomatix GUI tips beginner A bunch of useful tips for increasing your efficiency working with Photomatix Pro.
Understanding HDR (high dynamic range) beginner Some theory related to HDR photography. What is dynamic range, what is tone-mapping? A lot of samples.
Winter & mountains HDR photography beginner Tutorial describing how to capture great HDR photos in the mountains during winter.
Dealing with waves and long exposures in HDR intermediate Tutorial describing how to remove ghosting in water and waves when shooting seascape HDR photos.
Does number of exposures really matter? intermediate Tutorial describing whether it differs if one takes 3, 5 or 7 exposures for a HDR photo.
Exposure fusion explained intermediate Tutorial describing Exposure Fusion processing method in Photomatix Pro and how to create very natural photos using it.
Fake HDR, multiple exposures from single RAW intermediate Tutorial describing how to create 3 exposures out of a single RAW image and then process them in Photomatix Pro.
Getting realistic results in Photomatix Pro intermediate Tutorial giving tips how to create realistic looking HDR images using Photomatix Pro software.
Removing halo artifacts in a HDR photo intermediate Tutorial describing how to get rid of halo artifacts in HDR photos. Three methods are described: doing this in Photomatix, using Curves adjustments layer in Photoshop and via Dodging & Burning.
What makes HDR photo look unrealistic? intermediate Tutorial describing common mistakes made when tone-mapping a HDR photo. It also gives solutions to them.
Batch processing with Photomatix Pro advanced Tutorial describing one of the most advanced features in Photomatix Pro – batch processing and how to make use of it.
HDR tutorial advanced Comprehensive tutorial about creating HDR photos and achieving realistic look for them using Photomatix Pro. This tutorial details every step of creating HDR photo: shooting bracketing sequence, tone-mapping it, using batch to work more effectively. It also describes common issues like noise or ghosts and gives tips on how to get rid of them.