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Internet in Cuba

To access Internet in Cuba, you have to buy NAUTA WiFi cards Easy access to Internet makes travelling & photography so much easier. You can check sunrise [...]

Best Photo Spots in Madeira

Madeira island is photographer's paradise. It's called Pearl of Atlantic for a reason. Despite the fact you will find something beautiful and worth photographing in the every corner of the island, I decided to compile [...]

21 days in Japan itinerary

When I was planning my 3-weeks trip to Japan I tried to use other itineraries as example. I knew about some famous spots like Bamboo Grove in Kyoto, Memorial Park in Hiroshima or Mount Fuji but [...]

Travelling in Japan – useful tips

Travelling in Japan is rather easy compared to many other countries thanks to excellent rail network running across whole country and connecting most of the cities, including many smaller ones. If you're planning your trip [...]