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I wrote a few dozens photography & post-processing tutorials up to date. They are all sorted by category which you can choose above.

Below is short list of my most popular tutorials:

Thumbnail Name Difficulty level Description
Landscape Photography Tips beginner A few dozen of tips to improve your landscape photography. From planning photos to composition, creative tips and tips about photo equipment.
Photo Composition Primer beginner Tutorial detailing various composition rules to make your images more attractive.
Tack sharp photos in 10 easy steps beginner Tutorial giving tips on how to capture perfectly sharp and crisp photos.
Understanding HDR (high dynamic range) beginner Some theory related to HDR photography. What is dynamic range, what is tone-mapping? A lot of samples.
Understanding Histogram beginner Histogram is a very useful tool that lets you evaluate exposure and contrast of photos. If you would like to understand how to read it, make sure to take a look at this tutorial.
Introduction to Infrared Photography intermediate Short tutorial giving some instructions on how to get started with infrared (IR) photography with a typical non-modified DSLR.
Removing colour cast from photos in Photoshop intermediate This tutorial shows a few techniques to colour correct your photos and remove any colour cast from them.
Getting extreme depth of field in landscape photos advanced Tutorial describing how to increase depth of field in landscape photography using focus stacking technique.
HDR tutorial advanced Comprehensive tutorial about creating HDR photos and achieving realistic look for them using Photomatix Pro. This tutorial details every step of creating HDR photo: shooting bracketing sequence, tone-mapping it, using batch to work more effectively. It also describes common issues like noise or ghosts and gives tips on how to get rid of them.
How to take photos of the stars – part 1 advanced Part 1 of the tutorial about shooting stars. It details necessary equipment, choosing a right location and also how to take photo of the stars without showing it apparent movement.
How to take photos of the stars – part 2. Star trails advanced Part 2 of the tutorial about shooting stars. It details shooting star trails – apparent movement of stars.
How to take photos of the stars – part 3. Post-processing advanced Part 3 of the tutorial about shooting stars. It details post-processing such photos.

  • Erica Madrigal Solis

    I just wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge in all these great tutorials! Great information!

  • Wojciech Toman

    I’m glad you like them 🙂